Academic Year 2013/2014 Odd For Local Student

Steps and required conditions

Steps and required conditions that need to be fulfilled by the applicant who wishes to register online at IPB Graduate School are as follows:

  1. Applicant need to access the Enrollment of IPB Graduate School website at
  2. Click on the Enrollment Online Menu and fill in the required column.
  3. After completing the entire required column in the Enrollment Online Menu, you will get an 8-digits number as your Registration Number.
  4. The Registration Number will be used as your Billkey number for transactional purposes when you need to do a registration payment at BNI Bank.
  5. The registration cost is Rp.500.000,- (five hundreds rupiah) or (About a USD 55) and you are required to use your Registration Number to do the payment at BNI’s teller, ATM machine, or E-Banking system. (see the Payment Procedure), (Noted: if you can not make the payments to the bank, contact the committee through the contact listed at the bottom of this website)
  6. You will then receive a 12-digits PIN number which is printed in the:
    1. Payment Validation / Validasi Slip Pembayaran column (if is it through teller), - or
    2. Registration Number on the ATM transaction bill paper (if is it through ATM machine), or
    3. Bank Registration Number / Nomor Registrasi Bank column E-banking file transaction (if is it through e-banking system)
  7. Click on the PIN Verification Menu and fill in the required column. Make sure that you click on the PROCESS button if you have completed the entire column.
    1. If you succeeded to verify your PIN, a home page of the Online Registration will appear and you could start entering the required data for your registration.
    2. If you have not completed all the required data, you could login to the Online Registration and click on the Data Completion Menu.
    3. You could only have 3 chances to complete your data by login into the Online Registration.
  8. It is a compulsory for all applicants to fill in Form A and upload several required documents for our selection process. The documents that you are required to upload are as follow:
    1. S1 certificate, transcript, and BNI’s payment receipt (for Master/S2)
    2. S1 certificate and transcript, S2 certificate and transcript, and BNI’s payment receipt (for Doctoral/S3)
    3. Applicant should be provided GPA score between 2.00 – 2.50 for Master Program and 3.00 - 3.25 for Doctoral Program.
    4. TOEFL score is optional
  9. Aside from uploading those documents stated in point 8, applicant is required to send the following documents through mail within one envelope with your Registration Number written on the top right of the envelope:
    1. Online Form A for the applicant who has succeeded in completing the required data – 1 original print-out and 1 copy of the form
    2. Offline form (Offline Form) 1 original print-out and 1 copy of the filled form
    3. 2 copies of a legalize certificate and transcript
    4. Research plan synopsis - 1 original print-out and 1 copy of the plan
    5. A compiled documents of Research proposal (Main study plan and a supervisor consent form) and a copy of a research publication (for a Doctoral by Research Program applicant) - 1 original print-out and 1 copy of each
  10. Selection result will be announced through email and our website at
  11. For those applicants who could not submit all of the required documents or inputting incorrect data during the registration process, you will be considered FAILED and no refund for the Registration Payment.