Admission Schedule and Important Information

New Student Admission Schedule, Graduate School IPB, Odd Semester, Academic Year 2019/2020


1. Registration Period Tuesday, January 15, 2019 15:00:00 WIB -
Tuesday, April 30, 2019 23:59:00 WIB
2. Selection Tuesday, May 07, 2019 - Friday, May 17, 2019
3. Announcement May 21, 2019


1. Registration Period 1 Mei 2019 s.d 15 Juli 2019
2. Selection 17 Juli 2019
3. Announcement 25 Juli 2019

Verification & Studium generale

1. Verification (Original Documents) August 1 - August 3, 2019
2. English Placement Test August 7 - August 8, 2019
3. Studium Generale August 09, 2019

*)Any possible changes will be notified further

Other Important Information

  1. After the applicant has passed the selection process, the original file will be verified at the verification day (see PMB schedule). If the applicant can not show the original documents, their acceptance status can be canceled.
  2. Applicant's right to become new students will depend on the verification results of the application documents, Verification of original documents will be performed after the applicant is legally pronounced to the next selection (see the new student selection schedule).  If the applicant fails to show the original documents, the verification is considered unsuccessful, and all payment fees that have been made are non-refundable for any reason.
  3. The English placement test will be conducted after the applicant has passed the verification, and the test result can be the value of the Bahasa Inggris (PPS500) subject if it meets the criteria of the scores according to the minimum requirement> = 475 (S3) and> = 450 (S2). If the score fails to meet the minimum score, the student is obliged to take English (PPS500) subject at least one semester.
  4. Uploading documents in the [Document Upload Menu / Attachment] on the system is limited to 1.5MB for images (jpg) and 500KB for PDF documents. Make sure the document is legible. The recommended image file size (image) is 1280 x 800px
  5. If there are any problems in the online registration process, please contact via email: or to + 62-251-8628448 / 8423855
  6. For prospective students wishing to enroll at IPB Business School, please click here for admission procedure and further information.