Credit Earning

International Academic Collaboration Programs


Credit Earning is an educational collaboration conducted by two universities or more in the same study program and at the same level, to achieve credits. Credit Earning Program at IPB Graduate School :

  • Student and Research Exchange Program

    • Partner university: Tsukuba University
    • Field of Study: Forestry and Environment
  • Summer Course and Winter Course Program

    • Partner university: 
      • Ibaraki University
      • Kyoto University
      • Ryukyus University
      • Hokkaido University
    • Field of Study: Agriculture
  • Population-Activities-Resources-Environments (PARE) Program

    • Partner university: Hokkaido University
    • Spring School, Summer School, Short Course, Year Long
    • Field of Study: Soil, Biology, Livestock, Agriculture, Forestry, Food, and Environment
  • Twin College Envoys (TWINCLE) Program

    • Partner university: Chiba University
    • Trial Course dan Long Course
    • Field of Study: Agriculture

How to Apply:

  • For further information please contact Division of Public Relation and International Collaboration Program (+62-251-8628448)